• Curved Bench - For Outdoor Use

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    School: Summa College

    Bench intended for outdoor use with lockers in the lower and back part of bench.

    Bench base will be solid sheet metal covered by singular beams of cork attached to bench by brackets placed at top of beam. Rain gutter across length of bench to prevent water build-up. 

    Both smaller and larger lockers will be placed in bench for students and park visitors to store their personal/valuable belongings. Lockers will be operated via a coin mechanism that will act as a deposit and will be returned to user when key is re-inserted to lock.


    ·        Storage lockers, three of 50x50x60cm and three of 120x50x60cm

    ·        Smaller locker target group are students wanting to store their bags in the park

    ·        Larger locker target group are families with children who are not wanting to drag their prams/children’s toys/etc

    ·        Larger locker will be fitted with hangers for coats, sufficient room for prams and possibly bags

    ·        Locker doors will exist of solid sheets of metal, ensuring privacy and protection of your valuable belongings

    ·        Coin-operated lock with key, coin acts as deposit and is returned when key is once again inserted into lock

    ·        Base of bench (including interior of lockers) will exist of a single pane of sheet metal which has been bent to the desired angles

    ·        Gutter in base of bench to prevent water build-up on seating of bench

    ·        Sheet metal base will be covered by beams of (possibly recycled/repurposed) cork

    ·        Beams of cork have been treated to be UV-resistant, waterproof, etc

    ·        Brackets by which beams are attached individually, making repairing a single beam much easier

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    /upload/5493.final bench - isometric front left top-1.png
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  • Isometric back right bottom view

    Open areas in back imply where larger lockers will be

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    /upload/4627.final bench - isometric back right bottom-1.png
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  • Left side view

    Rain gutter across length of bench to prevent water build-up

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    /upload/4631.final bench - left view-1.png
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  • Front view

    Beams of cork covering sheet metal base, areas in lower area of bench imply where smaller lockers will be

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    /upload/4633.final bench - front view-1.png
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